Plasencia Reserva Original Review

Plasencia Reserva Original Review

Size: Toro

Cut Method: Punch

Lighting Method: Match

Got this in the grab bag at the Big Smoke festival in Hollywood Florida.

Wrapper is blemish free, smooth and non-toothy.

The team at Plasencia is putting out some amazing cigars and this one is no exception. I was surprised to see that the possibility of getting a cigar for “free” from them was even on the table. I’ve had several of their cigars and was always impressed but that quality experience always came with a price. Before I lit up, I wanted to see how available this was and was pleasantly surprised that this was easy to grab and only $8ish per stick (I’ll dig into that in a second.)

All in all, I can say I loved this cigar. My full notes are below. Let me know what you think if you’ve had it!

The Tasting Experience of Plasencia Reserva Original

First third: Big spicy and cedar notes and amazingly floral. An elegant medium bodied smoke.

Burning beautifully and even. Strong ash. Fair amount of thick smoke.

Second third: Cedar really takes front stage here. Nice bready/marzipan notes here and there, but not each puff. As I’m working through, the spiciness is coming back around.

Final third: Got cocky with the ash. Dropped it all in my lap. Oh well… that’s show biz. Anyway… flavors are getting sweeter and deeper but still not an overpowering cigar. Really nice baking spice profile going on.

Other notes about Plasencia Reserva Original

This beauty burned even the whole dang time. No relighting necessary. Flavors constantly stayed interesting. This cigar can not be described as “one dimensional”.

Price Point: As I mentioned, I got this in a grab bag from the Big Smoke in Hollywood Florida in March, so I wasn’t sure of the price. I took a look at Cigars International and Small Batch, it looks like this cigar runs around $7 – $8 a stick which is the steal of the century considering the brand (which is known for some high priced cigars) and the quality.

Easily one of my favorite cigars in a long time.

My Rating: I’m going with a 91/100.